• Select Choir Virtual Choir Directions

    1.  Find your practice track below and practice practice practice! Word Document below with lyrics.

    2.  When ready to record, you MUST SING ALONG WITH YOUR PRACTICE TRACK. This is the only way I will be able to get all the videos to line up in time.  Watch your cut offs!

    3. You MUST WEAR HEADPHONES. (The song cannot play outloud or your microphone will pick up the sound)

    4.  Wear something decent/school appropriate.

    5.  Record yourself singing, keep the camera still and film yourself from the WAIST UP.  When done singing smile at the camera and then wave goodbye before you shut it off.

    6. Save your recording as "your name voice part Change" example (Johnny Smith Tenor Change)

    7.  To submit your document.

          a.   load your video onto a computer (or use google drive or dropbox app on your phone)

          If using Google Drive

                    i. click "NEW" in top left corner

                   ii.  click "FILE UPLOAD"

                  iii.  select your video file and upload it

                  iv.  right click on your video and click "SHARE"

                  V.  share with my gmail address "pugrebe@gmail.com"

        If using DropBox

                   i.  Click Here to Upload Directly to My DropBox (No Account Necessary)