• Students will plan, record, and produce 360° video and virtual reality content. Students will be assigned to a particular job during production. Jobs include: script writing, set design, camera operations, audio technicians, data management, stitching, post production, editor, special effects, user interface development, and director/project manager. Students will produce a variety of content working as a production team. Content that will be produced includes: 360° images, videos, class lessons, virtual field trips, and virtual tours. Students will use a variety of industry grade tools while recording content and in post production. AutoPano Video and Adobe After Effects are just some of the tools students will use.

    To see student created VR content please follow the link below:
    WPGA 360° YouTube Channel
    Note: If viewing this on a mobile device you must install the YouTube App in order to enjoy 360° content.
    WPGA 360° Facebook Page
    Through the generosity of the Pine Grove Area Education Foundation the Pine Grove Area High School was able to secure a 360° camera rig. PGAHS is the first high school to bring this virtual reality (VR) technology to students and allow them to create their own VR content.