Flexible Instruction

  • Over the course of this flexible instruction time period, our faculty will partner with parents to engage students in experiences that stretch their understanding and expand how they approach new learning. Teachers will continue to carry forward their instrumental role in guiding, supporting, and challenging students to take on new responsibilities and to become excited about new learning. Teachers will communicate with students and parents through the use of this website as well as utilize our online subscriptions to engage students in rigorous learning. Please click on the grade level on the links to the left to see the assignments and activities for the week. 

    We recognize and have taken into consideration that parents may have more than one child to guide in this process. Therefore, the time and number of assignments for the learning experience will vary for each grade level.

    The focus for the first week of flexible instruction (April 14 -17. 2020) will be on skill review and practice, along with developing new online learning routines. Students are encouraged to check in with teachers during teacher virtual availability.

    The focus for week 2 and beyond (beginning April 20, 2020) is to develop new skills, knowledge, understanding, and concepts. Students are encouraged to complete assignments throughout each week and check in with teachers during virtual availability. 

    Thank you being willing to partner with us as we transition into flexible instruction! 

    Zoom for Parents and Students

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.