• Community Service
    Pennsylvania high school students are required to complete a graduation project to receive their diploma. The Pine Grove Area High School graduation project requires students to complete a community service project designed to contribute to society.
    In order to graduate from the Pine Grove Area School District, a student must complete a project while under the guidance of the high school faculty.

    Job Shadowing
    Students who would like to participate in the shadowing program should complete the following application and return it to the Guidance Office.

    College Career Fair Experience
    Students are required to attend a college/career fair during their sophomore year to satisfy their graduation project requirements.  Opportunities will be made available to them throughout the school year.  Students may also attend a college/career fair on their own if desired.  Students must complete a college/career fair reflection activity within 1 week of the event.  The student reflection activity questions must be returned to the Guidance Department and completion will be verified by the administration.