Senior Class Advisor:  Mrs. Rhonda Culbert


    Phone:  570-345-2731 ext. 219


    Senior information will be given out at class meetings and in homerooms from time to time. Vo-tech seniors can stop in with Mrs. Culbert prior to going to vo-tech or arrange a time to pick up at the school. If you are absent or tardy to school the day of a meeting, please see me ASAP to get information. Attendance will be taken at meetings and those absent will be tracked down when back in school to give information.  It is your responsibility to get all of the information from the meetings. 


    Responsibilities of seniors are huge!  There is a lot of information to be disseminated and lots of deadlines throughout the year.  PGASD’s website also has a tab for senior class info.  There will be dates to remember as well as attachments on this page. This can be found by going to  Click on SCHOOLS tab, click on HIGH SCHOOL, and click on SENIOR CLASS (this will be located along the top of the page. I also use the remind app to send out information via text.  Instructions are listed below.  With all of these areas to find information, we should never hear, “but I didn’t get the information!”


    Remind APP INFO – you will be able to get text messages on important info such as deadlines, meetings, graduation practices, and if graduation is inside or outside!

    • Number to text: 81010
    • Message to text:  @pgahs2024

    Please adhere to senior deadlines, if you CANNOT meet a deadline for any reason, you must notify me.  Let’s make this an easy road to graduation!

    Mrs. Culbert


    Welcome to your senior year!!!


    Goal:  To have everyone graduate on time!  What do you have to do??

    1.  Keep up your grades and keep up with your course responsibilities!  Don’t wait until after finals are over to beg your teacher to give you work for extra credit.  Use the guidance counselors and teachers to make sure YOU are meeting course requirements and expectations.  Do not expect to be able to go back and make up work from a previous marking period either.  This is in the online student and will be followed. 
    2. Community Service requirement for graduation has been eliminated years ago.  This does NOT mean you should not be a part of your community and not help out.  If you do any community/volunteer activities, PLEASE TRACK IT ON THE COMMUNITY SERVICE FORM THAT IS IN THE GUIDANCE OFFICE.  Turn it in to guidance when complete so they can still track your hours.  There are several scholarships that look at community service and you don’t want to give up the chance to be awarded that!  If you aren’t sure what opportunities are out there, please ask me or a guidance counselor.
    3. Don’t do ANYTHING that will prevent you from participating in graduation ceremonies.  People have been excluded from participating in graduation activities for violating major rules and code of conduct at school.  Administration has the right to make that decision.  Parents and family want to see you walk and participate in graduation ceremonies!

    Yearbook packets

    You are receiving them today or will be receiving them in the next few days.  These packets should be filled out to the best of your ability and turned in to a box in the front office by November 1st.  These are self-explanatory.  If anything on the packet is inappropriate, it will not be printed in the yearbook. 

    Senior Portraits – These need to be turned in along with the packets or by November 1st. Letter was given out reminding people the one you submit should be vertically oriented and a forward-facing pose (no profiles). Doing so will make it easier at the end of the year when sending to the newspaper for the graduate editions.  Mr. Blydenburgh would prefer you to have them e-mailed to him if at all possible ( We do realize that some photographers may NOT have them ready and to you by this date.  If this is the case for you, please speak with Mr. Blydenburgh or myself as soon as you can.

    Senior T-shirts

    The signature shirt design and color will be chosen by the class officers during the second marking period.  Everyone will sign the shirt design at the end of the second marking period/beginning of third marking period.  You are not required to purchase a shirt but we do ask that everyone sign the t-shirt. 

    Graduation Fee

    Prior to graduation, all seniors must pay a $20 graduation fee.  This fee goes towards graduation costs (tassels, dry cleaning of gowns, etc.) and other senior events.  This must be paid by April 30th, 2024.   This is a separate cost from the class trip.  You may have already raised this money through fundraising since you were a freshman. 

    Class Trip

    Annual class trip date is May 24th and the 25th, 2024.   You will be receiving the paperwork on this today.  Average cost has been $325-350.  This cost can be paid by using your individual fundraising account that has been tracked since you have been a freshman and/or by paying out of pocket.  We will also be doing some fundraisers this year to help you raise money towards the trip or your class account can be used.  This is a fun trip in which you do get time to explore certain areas of the city safely and see a lot of New York.  Please consider going.  The slip stating that you are going and the $50 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is due by October 31st.  If you have $50 or more in your individual account, this can be used towards the deposit.


    Starting a fundraiser TODAY!  Pellman desserts.  You earn a $7 profit off each item sold.  If you sell ten items, you have a $70 profit tracked in your account.  Orders and money are due to me by October 18th at noon.  Delivery will be November 14th at the end of the day.  Items must be picked up that day as they come frozen.  A reminder will be given to you before delivery if you participate. 

    Class Song, Motto, and Flower

    These are suggested by you, and voted on by you.  There will be a google form for you to submit suggestions in the future.  Please use common sense when suggesting songs.  Do not use profanity-laced songs as a suggestion, they will not be used!  Try to find a song that is appropriate and meaningful to your class, to graduation, or looking to the future. These will be voted on at a future class meeting.


    Dates to Remember

    (this will be updated regularly…check the website and homerooms)

    November 1stYearbook packets and senior portraits due.  These can be turned in by placing in box in office.

    October 18thPellman fundraiser order and money due to Mrs. Culbert. 

    October 31st - Form for the class trip and $50 non-refundable deposit needs to be turned in to Mrs. Culbert.

    November 14thPellman fundraiser delivery.  Pickup is at the end of the school day in the café.  All items must be picked up as they come frozen.

    **There will be another senior class meeting sometime at the beginning of November.  During this meeting, you will vote on class song, motto, and flower. You will also be completing the form for what formal name you would like printed on your diploma.                


    Class Officers:

    President – Evan Karenda

    Vice-president – McKenna Valentine

    Secretary – Bailey Drake

    Treasurer – Taylor Ott



    President - Katie Herring

    Vice-President - Mason Kroh

    Treasurer - Tanae Frey

    Secretary - Lindsey Wolff


     Class of 2020