I just wanted to update everyone on some information regarding this week’s activities. PLEASE READ THIS IN ITS ENTIRETY!!!

    If you haven’t checked out the link I sent earlier, all virtual activities that are scheduled for this week will be posted on  Please let all of your family and friends know that want to watch the presentations/ceremonies we have worked hard on completing.

    • The schedule of all virtual events is:
      • Monday, June 1st – Baccalaureate 7 p.m.
      • Tuesday, June 2nd – Class Night 7 p.m. (awards will be announced, then a brief speech to the senior class and families)
      • Wednesday, June 3rd – Pre-Commencement Presentation 6:45 p.m.
      • Wednesday, June 3rd – Commencement 7 p.m.
    • The links may show up prior to the start times, but the actual presentations will not be available until the times stated.
    • Some links at this point may also be listed as private, but they will show up on the stated dates and times.
    • The Pre-commencement activities are a few fun things that we hope you tune into. Any senior who submitted their video clip of tossing their hat will see it during that time.  This was put together by our senior class officers and it is fun to see as well as a another surprise that will show before that clip. 
    • Even if you watch the pre-commencement activities, you will have enough time to tune into the commencement video by 7 p.m.  We are hoping to have a link right on that video that you can click on the main video directly from there.  
    • The commencement video will be premiered “live”. Once the premier is over, you may watch it again through that same link and will have the capabilities to rewind and fast forward to parts that you may want to see again. 
    • These links will be able to be accessed at any time after those dates, so if you have a family member or friend who cannot view it at those dates/times due to prior commitments, they can watch it at any time AFTER those scheduled dates and times.

    Many days and hours have been put into planning, filming, editing, and posting these ceremonies.  We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and patience through this.  By no means was this what we thought we would ever have to plan for, however, with the amazing  and talented faculty and administration we have, it was pulled together in a professional manner that we know you will enjoy watching. 

    June 4th and 5th are the dates to return caps and gowns and receive diplomas.  YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR A TIME SLOT TO DO THIS.  This is the same way we did the filming for graduation.  Please click on the link below for sign up genius and choose your time slot.  The graduate (not a parent or family member) must be the one to pick up their diploma. We have a few things besides the diploma to be given out and in the case of a monetary award being received, a thank you card must be written at the time. There are still several graduates that need to sign up!

    Remember when returning your cap and gown:

    • Return it in the garment cover you were given when you picked it up
    • Keep the name tag on it.  If yours fell off when transporting, we will have some blank ones here.  
    • Place your cap in a plastic grocery bag and hang it around the hanger in order to keep it with your gown upon return. 


    Some other points of important information:

    • Each graduate will be given a flash drive with a copy of the graduation video and the photos taken of the seniors during filming. These will not be at a cost to you.  Please share those images with the family members that would like them.  We will only be giving one flash drive per graduate.
    • We are hoping to have the flash drives ready by the time of yearbook pick up. Watch this page as well as remind to find out the details.  Due to the printing plant having been closed in Texas, HS yearbooks are expected to ship on June 18th.  You can still order yearbooks through this link
    • June 24th is the scheduled date for a celebration/ceremony for the graduates. This will be decided of what this will entail based on guidelines set by the state.  This determination will be put out by administration at a later date.  June 25th is the rain date for this event. 


    Thank you!

    Rhonda Culbert

    Senior Class Advisor

     Mrs. Culbert



    If you know anyone not on Remind, please encourage them to be signed up for any information that may come out!


    How to sign up for Remind:

                    Number to text:  81010

                    Message to text:  @d83c2e



     Class of 2020