Homestead / Farmstead

  • The Taxpayer Relief Act, enacted in 2006, provides property tax relief to resident homeowners. Each year by May 1st, the State Secretary of the Budget must certify if there are enough funds to provide homeowners with property tax relief.

    When funds are available, the school district receives gaming revenue funds from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which are passed through to taxpayers as a credit on their annual school district real estate tax bill.

    To be eligible for a property tax reduction, you must have applied for and been approved by filing a completed application with the Schuylkill County Tax Assessment Office by March 1. If you are a new resident homeowner or have not previously applied for the Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion, please contact the Schuylkill County Tax Assessment Office at 570-628-1025. Applications are only available from that office.