• Hello everyone!


    This is being posted on March 25th, 2020!


    This is a newly formatted website that we were are using.  So I haven't gotten around to setting anything up yet.


    But I will post now!  Obviously there are many issues regarding the coronavirus including the shutdown of school. 

    As we stand now, we can not teach new material online.  We can only review what already has been taught.  Also, we aren't allowed to give new grades as of yet.  Though we are trying to come up with a way to end the 3rd Marking Period grades.   My own issue is I've got materials in school that need to be graded.   And we haven't been allowed to enter the school yet.


    I will try to post information on here and on Schoology as they become available!


    Stay healthy!  In the very least, you can read, which might be more important than any one subject at this point.